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THE Lara Johnson? and other clips from EntreLeadership

Posted in EntreLeadership by elephanthunters on April 29, 2010

I’m really curious why Lara Johnson would be here…

I need your help.  Check out this video and tell me if I’m crazy for thinking that this might be Lara Johnson, Associate Producer for The Dave Ramsey show.  I’m trying to get to the bottom of why she might be sneaking around the conference center here at the Atlantis Resort:

Lessons from EntreLeadership:

Interview with Alex Charfen:

Alex has a real estate consulting firm in Austin, TX.  (You can tell I like getting interviews from Texans…they’re flat out awesome people!)  Check out what he has to say about the event so far (most importantly check out is ‘phat shoes’).

Lessons from EntreLeadership:

There are 3 basic pillars to our EntreLeadership material:

  1. Working With People: Dreams, Vision & Goal Setting / Time Management & Organization / Personality Styles & Mission Statements / Communication / Building Unity & Loyalty / Compensation & Incentives / Team Math: Hiring & Firing / Delegation / Recognition & Inspiration
  2. The Central Nervous System of Business: Financial Peace for the EntreLeader / Accounting / The Art of Outsourcing: Dealing With Vendors / Contract Negotiation
  3. Gettin’ The Cash In! Personal Selling / Marketing & Advertising / Social Media / & everything else involved in getting your product or service out the door and raking the moola in.

Changing the oil in your business:

Today Dave is transitioning from the ‘team building pillar’ and diving head-long into the meat & potatoes of the administrative material.  Typically, as entrepreneurs, we tend to dread all of these tedious details in our business.  We don’t buy a car just because we love changing the oil, right?  Same thing in business.  However, if we don’t do these things well, eventually the engine blows up.

Notes on a couple of lessons from this morning:

The Art of Outsourcing – Vendors

This morning Dave has been teaching our attendees the importance of managing relationships with vendors.  In this video clip, Dave explains that we should always be willing to part ways with vendors when we outgrow their ability to serve our needs.  We have a tendency to feel too much loyalty to our vendors based on issues not related to the business transaction:


Here’s a few one-liners from the lesson on contracts:

  • Contracts are not a guarantee of people doing what they say, what they should, or of their performance
  • Contracts don’t make a person who’s a dufus become a non-dufus
  • Attorneys call contracts a ‘meeting of the minds’
  • If it’s not in writing it never happened
  • A verbal contract is worth the paper it’s written on
  • Contracts don’t make bad deals become good, or bad people become good
  • Where no integrity exists, the whole process is useless

Stay tuned for more coverage from the Bahamas, and I’ll let you know if I get confirmation on THE Lara Johnson.

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  1. Debbie said, on April 30, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Love “The Laura Sightings” Clips!! Glad to see you are having fun while learning, earning, and spreading good words!!!


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