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Is your social media plan costing you sales?

Posted in Selling by elephanthunters on March 26, 2010

I’m Sold On The Brand

When I joined Prairie Life Fitness Center I became a big fan of their facility.  It’s new, clean and close to my office so I can easily get over there for a quick workout during lunch.  In the fall, I changed my workout routine to an off season maintenance plan for my triathlon training.  Most of this program didn’t require the use of a gym so I canceled my membership with Prairie Life.

Today I’m ready to join up again:

  • Triathlon season is in full swing
  • I’ll soon be living closer to this gym so I’m also interested in a family membership now
  • I enjoy working out with one of their current members, Bill Hampton, who recently made the comment, “Tardy, you should join back at Prairie Life so we can swim laps together at lunch!”
  • I heard about a special they ran last month with a fairly competitive rate
  • I’m motivated and ready to go…I just need an easy way to buy.

Can I PLEASE Just Give You My Money?

As luck would have it, I just received  an email newsletter from Prairie Life this week.

My first thought:  “Great!  I don’t have to find a phone number and call someone…I can just reply to this email real quick and get some more info…

Great content with no hook

This was a a good newsletter and someone clearly put a lot of time into it.  I certainly understand that it wasn’t designed to be a marketing piece since the recipient list is mostly made up of current members.  I also understand the concept of creating customer loyalty by sharing content versus just pitching your stuff.  That’s all fine.


  • No where in the newsletter did it have a section with contact info
  • Nothing about “Tell your friends about this month’s special and get a discount on your next massage”
  • I can’t even reply to the email: donotreply@prairielife.com
  • I just want someone to tell me how much it is and take my money

I’m qualified.  I know the product well.  I have the money.  I need the product.

It’s just not easy enough to buy.

The Social Media Risk:

We’re running businesses in a day when Social Media Marketing gurus are challenging us to produce content, and establish brand equity as a priority over simply turning up the volume on our marketing messages.   This is clearly an imperative action for any business hoping to survive in the twenty first century.  However, blindly adopting Social Media Marketing tactics introduces the risk for an organization to fall short between the words ‘Media’ and ‘Marketing’.

Yes, as a consumer I want your brand to have a ‘social’ aspect that causes me to feel like you’re engaged.

  • I still need a call to action.
  • I still need you to sell me your message.
  • I still need a way to give you my money.

Until then, the relationship I have with my good friends at Prairie Life Fitness Center will be ‘strictly social’.