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What if you’re not Tiger Woods?

Posted in Personal Development by elephanthunters on December 3, 2009

Jesper Parnevik gave a public statement yesterday apologizing to Tiger Wood’s wife, Elin Nordegren, for ever introducing her to Tiger.  Parnevik, talked for a while about his feelings of disappointment in Wood’s recent personal decisions that have now been unveiled in the public eye.

I think there is something interesting in Parnevik’s following comment:

“It’s a private thing, of course, but when you are the guy he is, the world’s best athlete, you should think more before you do stuff.”

I understand Tiger is in the public eye and he should embrace personal responsibility, but when I heard Parnevik’s statement I couldn’t help but ask myself this question:

Is personal responsibility something that should simply scale to our level of influence?

Or to ask it another way…If I’m not the world’s best athlete should I think any less before I ‘do stuff’?

What do you think?