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Plant beans and corn won’t grow.

Posted in Selling by elephanthunters on July 1, 2009

There is a 17 acre field that adjoins my property.  Last summer at this time it was filled with corn stalks that were over 10 feet tall.  This year it’s full of soy bean plants.  Do you know why it has soy bean plants in it this summer and not corn?  It’s because the farmer planted soybeans this spring and not corn.

Well duh, right?

OK, maybe it’s pretty elementary as a concept but if this principle is so simple in farming then why do our expectations get so out of line when we’re selling?

We always reap what we sow.  If we plant corn we reap corn.  If we plant beans we reap beans.  If we call on quality prospects that came from a referral and give a great presentation with first class marketing material then we reap strong quality sales.  If we call on cold prospects because we were to lazy to ask for referrals and we leave a bunch of voice mails then we reap minimal if any sales.  Whatever you plant is up to you.  Just be honest enough with yourself at harvest time to realize that you were the one responsible for your results.

If you look up and your field is full of nothing but weeds don’t blame the dirt, the sun, the rain, or the farmer next door whose field is full of an abundant crop.  None of those things changed.  All that changed is what YOU planted…or didn’t plant.  If you planted beans in the spring don’t expect corn in the fall.