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If they don’t know each other don’t introduce them via Cc

Posted in Business by elephanthunters on July 6, 2009

I recently received an email from what I considered to be a well established and professional firm.  I had requested more information regarding an upcoming event and the reply came back to me and I had been Cc’d along with about 100 other email addresses.

I shouldn’t have to say this but apparently there are still people in charge of email communications at large organizations that still don’t know how to properly use email.  Please do not do this!  It is tacky.  If I gave you my email address in confidence and I don’t know any of the other people on the list then there is no need to Cc.

Just Bcc…it accomplishes the same thing and keeps everyone’s personal information private.  The only thing worse than sending an email like this is ‘replying all’ to an email like this.  Fortunately no one did on this particular email.  I replied to the sender to thank him for the information and to voice my opinion about email etiquette and here is his response:


You are welcome. I wasn’t aware there is an etiquette related to emailing. Thanks for the heads up.
Well, at least he’s cordial and willing to learn.  Ideally his leader would have talked through some of the basics with him before putting him in charge of email correspondence for their company.  He needs to know that, yes, there IS etiquette related to not only email but to every type of communication medium that represents an organization.
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