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Why I took the survey.

Posted in Business by elephanthunters on June 29, 2009

Event organizers and business owners always want you to evaluate their event or service by asking you to fill out surveys or evaluation forms.

I never fill these out.  If I’ve paid you my money and you gave me a service then I don’t care if you know what I think about it unless I feel like letting you know my opinion will benefit me directly.  If it’s just going to benefit someone else so they can pay the same price that I did to receive better service than I did then I’m just not that interested.

I participated in an event this weekend and I plan to attend another event with the same organization in a few weeks but I’m not registered yet.  Today I received an email that said if I fill out a survey on this weekend’s event I would receive a significant discount on the next event that I’m considering attending.

I filled out the survey. I’m about to register for the next event, too.  Why?  Because it had monetary value to me.

Apparently this information is valuable to this organization.  They understand the value enough to offer an incentive in exchange for my time and opinion. Since they paid a price for the information you can bet someone on their staff will actually read and evaluate the data carefully instead of just glancing at it.

If my opinion matters to you then put your money where your mouth is and give me a reason to care about taking the time to share it with you.  This is the only way to get accurate & meaningful feedback from people who don’t usually take surveys.