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Hammers don’t swing themselves

Posted in EntreLeadership by elephanthunters on April 30, 2010

Events & Process

I once heard John Maxwell say,

We tend to over estimate the event, and under estimate the process.

Attending a business event doesn’t make you a better business leader any more than attending a wedding ceremony makes you a bride or groom.  We live in an event driven culture.  Many business leaders are on a continuous search for that one event that has the secret potion for their success.

Events fall short when…

Events fail when we put all of our stock in the event to do the work for us.  If the event that is being marketed to you promises to fix all of your problems, omitting every element of personal responsibility, run.

Here’s my promise: If you attend EntreLeadership Master Series, Dave Ramsey will give you all of the tools to win in your business.  If you choose to go home and set the tool box on the shelf, and continue driving nails into boards with your bare hands, maybe events are not for you.

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