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Give like no one else

Posted in Business by elephanthunters on December 15, 2009

Dave Ramsey pulls out all the stops!

Last week was a good week to work for Dave Ramsey.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re all pretty dang good, but this week ushered in a spirit of giving and Christmas joy like I’ve never seen in 6 years of working here.

Most business owners wouldn’t dream of approving this ‘expense’:

  • On Monday morning, Santa Claus hijacked our staff meeting and brought an entire catering crew with him.  We had a fabulous breakfast of carved ham, egg soufflés, fresh fruits, muffins and a whole spread of tasty breakfast treats
  • Santa left a present under the Christmas tree for each team member (~300 and growing).  Each of us received a nice ornament and gift certificate to our selection of a few local restaurants or A Moment’s Peace day spa
  • Dave rented out a local theater, shut the company down a little early on Monday, and took the whole team and their spouses to see Blind Side. (Great movie.  True story. Inspirational. Go see it.)
  • Tuesday was just nuts.  To say our group is competitive would be a major understatement.  So when Dave announced there would be a prize for the department whose area best represented the Christmas spirit, it was ‘katie-bar-the-door’!  The entire placed looks like Santa’s village and the decorating festivities went completely over the top
  • We had a great devotion Wednesday morning lead by Mercy Ministries founder, Nancy Alcorn, and yet another breakfast feast was to follow
  • While we ate breakfast, our Director of HR, Rick Perry, gave everyone a Camelbak water bottle stuffed with gift certificates to Dick’s Sporting Goods, Fleet Feet, and movie tickets
  • On Friday, Dave catered in lunch for everyone and had a local high school choir serenade us with Christmas carols while we ate
  • Dave shut the company down early Friday afternoon and sent everyone home with a spiral cut Honey Baked Ham.  Mmmm.
  • Saturday morning Dave rented out a movie theater AGAIN for everyone to take their kids to see The Princess and the Frog
  • The week culminated on Saturday evening with our company Christmas party, and it was full of surprises, gifts, entertainment, cash, and stories that will be told all year long.  My favorite part?  Dave announced that he’s now paying for our gym memberships!

Wow!  What an awesome week and an incredible place to work.  In the midst of all of the internal giving Dave has also been giving back to our customers through our ’24 Days of Giving’ initiative.  We’re half way through it and we’ve already given away thousands of dollars, iPod touches, Amazon Kindles, and so much more!

When in doubt: Give.

Dave Ramsey is one of the most generous people I know.  I know him well enough to confidently assure anyone that his giving is sincere and is from his heart.  The added benefit to being generous to your team and your customers, though, is that they learn to trust your intent.  When your team sees that your intention is to bless others it makes them want to work with more focus and energy.  It’s easy to rally around a cause that benefits more people than just the guy at the top.  Buying from a generous organization feels better than from a corporate empire that doesn’t have a soul.

Is your company generous?

Giving doesn’t have to cost you a lot, but it needs to be intentional.  Even if you don’t have ‘Ramsey type resources’ you can still dramatically energize your team by blessing them with your time and creativity.

What is your company doing to give back this year?

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