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Is your protein retarded?

Posted in Business by elephanthunters on September 11, 2009


Cancer is growth

There is a special little cluster of exactly 393 amino acids located on the short arm of chromosome 17 in our DNA.  This important protein known as TP53 can activate DNA repaire, induce cell growth arrest, and destroy cells that are damaged beyond repair.  Basically, sparring all the medical jargon this protien helps regulate uncontrolled cell growth (AKA cancer).

When TP53 experiences a retardation the cell loses it’s ability to control growth and reproduction.  Cancer is simply unbridled reproduction of cells that don’t have an ‘off switch’.

Uncontrolled growth is deadly

One of my small business clients recently confided in me this unnerving reality about his business:

“I used to think that all my business needed was massive growth, but now that I’m experiencing it I can’t figure out how to put the breaks on because I can’t identify what caused the growth to begin with.  I’m kind of scared.  I feel like I’m running down hill out of control.”

When is the last time you preformed an assessment of the TP53 in your business or organization?  Are you in control of the growth or are you just riding a wave and hoping you don’t fall off?

Here are 3 reasons why growing quickly is overrated:

  1. Growth requires more growth. Landing a massive account requires us to max out our systems in order to produce for that account and eventually take on more personnel, equipment and other overhead to service the clients demands.  This is dangerous if you end up in the position of making a desperate hire that brings a buzzard into an eagle culture.
  2. Growth does not equal profit. I talked to a client recently who informed me that his gross revenues are up 300% this year and his personal income is at an all time low.  He’s working really hard to feed the monster.
  3. There is a significant correlation between slow, controlled growth and long term stability. Building a house without a foundation would eliminate  a step and save time, right?  Going through the effort to pour a foundation is vital for the longevity of a house and it is imperative for a successful business.


  • Give yourself permission to be the slow, ugly, tortoise…he beats the hare ever time.
  • Keep your TP53 in check; left unattended it will destroy you.
  • Take some time this weekend to write out your growth plan for Q4.


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  1. John Felkins said, on September 19, 2009 at 12:00 am

    Great post Daniel! Growing out of control has got to be just as bad as growing for growths sake…or wait, or those about the same thing?

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