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The Queen has the cookies & it’s paying off.

Posted in Business, Selling by elephanthunters on August 26, 2009

Two of the greatest inventions on the planet are Dairy Queen Blizzards and Girl Scout Cookies.  In the month of August Dairy Queen has combined these two tempting vices into one cool treat.

This has been a brilliant marketing campaign for Dairy Queen.  I know this because my wife made me drive her 30 minutes across town just to get one of the highly acclaimed thin mint blizzards (I might have had a bite or two myself).  Do you know the last time we drove 30 minutes across town just to go to to go to Dairy Queen? Umm, Never.

The genius in this campaign is that Dairy Queen is now offering a product who’s brand has already been seared into the minds of every American alive.  In fact, consuming Girl Scout Cookies each year is arguably at the core of what it means to be an American in the first place.  If Dairy Queen was just offering a new style of hamburger with an extra piece of meat or a new special sauce for their chicken strips then no one would be talking about it.  No one would care.

We are in the process of deciding where our next EntreLeadership Master Series event will be held.  The brand that we choose for location matters a lot.  Places like Cancun, Atlantis, Hawaii & Vail have all been heavily marketed as great locations before we even started thinking about doing events.  It’s up to our team to figure out which location has been marketed the best in addition to accomidating our needs for the event.  It looks like Atlantis stands a good chance of being our thin mint cookie for the Spring of 2010.

How can you tap into the power of other brands that have already been marketed well?

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  1. Evan T said, on August 28, 2009 at 10:46 am

    What about when I order a blizzard from Dairy Queen and have to wait 30 minutes, because the person behind the counter is too busy texting or smoking in the back. I’d like to know if the joint effort is helping or hurting the Girl Scout Brand?

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