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This awkward question is fun to ask…

Posted in Personal Development, Selling by elephanthunters on August 19, 2009

Here’s a fun thing you can do starting today to add some seasoning to your conversations:

Ask someone this powerful question: “What’s your story?” and then shut up.

Here’s some cool things about this question:

  • Everyone has a story
  • You may think you know their story but you’ll be surprised at how they answer.
  • Not everyone will get it and they will ask what you mean. Just reply with “You know, your story…everyone has a story.” (Smile and then shut up again)
  • They may tell you their life story or just a short summary of how they started working here or a story that’s not even theirs.
  • They will assume the context but that’s what makes it fun. (don’t give them guidance)
  • They may have to think about it for a while and they may blow you off.
  • You will always hear something you didn’t know or at least learn something about their personality based on HOW they reply.

Ask people you know. Ask people you don’t know. Ask your spouse. Ask your flight attendant. Ask your parents. Ask your boss. Ask yourself.

Everyone has a story.

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