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Great Monday mornings happen when…

Posted in Selling by elephanthunters on August 17, 2009

I don’t recommend scheduling sales calls on Monday mornings. My week is more productive if I use this time to plan and prepare for the things to come. Just like a marathoner needs to fuel up before a race we tend to preform better when we reconnect with our goals and our team first.

On Monday mornings I like to:

  • Meet with my teem about anything on the table for the week ahead
  • Read some blogs that are inspirational and motivate me. (Put gas in the tank)
  • Review my goals and modify actions for the week that have a bearing on my goals
  • Look over my calendar and clarify/delete/modify appointments based on priorities and relevence
  • Make sure my desk and work area is free of any clutter that could distract me from being efficient that week
  • Walk around and connect with the people on my team in person.  Compliment them, ask about their weekend, let them know if I can do anything to help this week that I’m here for them.  This is huge!  This sets the tone for any email/voice mail/text they get from you for the rest of the week.  In a digital age it’s imperative to establish rapport in person with your core team each week before you start firing off task heavy emails and meeting requests.

It’s tempting to just roll in to the office and start returning voice mails and emails and have a completely reactive approach to catching up on everything from the weekend.  If you’ll just take a few hours to set your week up then by the time you get to Thursday you’ll have twice as much done as you would have otherwise.

“Luck favors the prepared.”


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