Daniel Tardy: License To Sell

Give more than they expect

Posted in Selling by elephanthunters on July 7, 2009

If I tell my wife I’ll be home from work at 5:40 and I don’t show up until 5:50…I let her down.  I set her expectations and then disappointed her in my follow through because of where I set them.

If I tell her I’ll be home at 6:15 and I get home a few minutes early then she’s more excited than if I got home at 5:50 given the previous scenario even though the net result is that I came home later.  Why is this?


It’s so easy in sales to pull out all the stops on the front end just to get the deal done.  We actually tend to over promise what we are able to deliver in an effort to impress the prospect enough to buy.  Short term this could work in your favor.  Long term it’s a train wreck.

Get good enough to sell them on 90% of the value.  Once you close the deal unveil the other 10% and they will be a friend for life.  If they weren’t expecting it and you gave it to them – they love you.  If they were expecting it and you didn’t give it to them – they hate you.  It’s that simple.

You will stand out because hardly anyone does this and people are accustomed to getting less than what they paid for…if you give them more they will sing your praises and send you more business.

Always under promise and over deliver.


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