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Optomism or Mediocrity?

Posted in Personal Development by elephanthunters on July 6, 2009

I like to consider myself to be optimistic.  Looking for the best in every situation is a virtue that I pursue rigorously.  The world can use more optimists, no doubt.  There is a difference between an optimistic perspective and defending mediocrity.

Selling someone on why average is as good as excellent is not optimistic; it’s lethargic.  I’ve been guilty of spending more time and energy defending the sliver of nobility in something done poorly than it would have taken just to fix it.

If something is done without excellence there is no shame in pointing out where it could be done better.  There is definitely is no glory (under the disguise of optimism) in defending why average is good enough.

Give 100% every day and if someone calls you out on a day when you gave 90% don’t tell them why that extra 10% wasn’t that big of a deal or why the 90% was justified.  Someone called me out today and the first thing that came to mind was a very good excuse that I definitely could have spun in a positive light, but the more thought I gave it the more it haunted me that excellence never has to give excuses because it stands on it’s own.

I had to do 3 things in response to being called out:

1) Fight the urge to defend it and swallow it.

2) Learn from it and ask myself why I dropped the ball.

3) Fix it and commit to not doing it again.

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