Daniel Tardy: License To Sell

Always open it up more

Posted in Selling by elephanthunters on June 30, 2009

Too many sales people are guilty of asking closed questions. Closed questions are too easy to answer with a one word response and this kills the dialogue every time.  And it’s extremely awkward to get it flowing again.

Don’t ask ‘Have you had a good day so far?’, instead say ‘Tell me about how your day is going’.  Don’t ask ‘Do you enjoy working for your company?’, instead ask ‘What’s something your company does that you’re proud of?’.  Don’t ask ‘Does this product interest you?’ ask ‘What are some of the benefits you’re seeing in this product for your company?’

Open it up.  Get them talking.  Have a conversation.  If you ask closed questions then you have to talk most of the time and that is one of the worst things a sales person can do.

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