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People buy when you don’t care.

Posted in Selling by elephanthunters on June 24, 2009

The easiest time to make a sell is immediately after you just made one.  This is when armature sales people blow it!  They close a big deal so they’re excited and they blow off the rest of the day in a spirit of celebration.  They miss the easiest harvesting season they will ever have.

Working hard to close a deal is exhausting and there is a rare opportunity that only occurs after a deal has been closed.  It’s the window of the ‘I don’t care’.

The largest obstacle to overcome as a sales person is coming off as unbelievably natural and relaxed.  If you’re nervous, pushy or uncomfortable in the slightest your prospect will smell it and back off.  Why?  Because these mannerisms signal a response in the buyers mind that you are untrustworthy.

The window of the ‘I don’t care’ is a sweet spot for any sales person.  If you close a big deal you’re no longer worried about hitting a quota or breaking through your draw or covering this months bills with your commission.  You don’t care any more…so call the next prospect and let them know you don’t care.  Let them feel it in your tone.  Let them wonder how you can be so relaxed and less than needy for their business.  You can call 10 prospects in a row and not care if they all cuss you out and hang up on you because you just closed a huge deal.

But this won’t happen.  Those 10 calls will result in the highest closing ratios you’ll ever have because you don’t care.  This translates as relaxed confidence and puts your prospect at ease.

When you close a big deal pour it on a little longer before you go celebrate.  What do you have to loose?

For more about this principle I recommend Herb Cohen’s book Negotiate This by caring but not T-H-A-T much.

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